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Hauptseite » 2012 » February » 23 » Where Eagles Dare Event
4:20 PM
Where Eagles Dare Event
"Where Eagles Dare" Airlanding Event

Sunday 26th February 2012, 19:00 GMT+1

Poster made by Marduk ©®

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White CST is easier to unnrdstaed and comprehend than GMT, I don't exactly unnrdstaed why CST was chosen. In my case I am in EST, and so now I have to add an hour to every time I see. The best thing really would be for the user to choose the timezone they would like to have the counter use, or the time zone they would like displayed on page, such as something temporary and probably thus easier to implement, like how a toolbar or a website translates the language of a page.

The events always start at 7 pm server time. There's a clock on the right hand side that shows you the current server time, so you only have to do the math once and will then always know when the events start in your timezone. smile

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