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Community panel
bubuDate: Saturday, 2018-01-27, 12:24 PM | Message # 1
Group: Trusted
Messages: 144
Awards: 14
Reputation: 4
Status: Online
Hello everyone,

Robert suggested this kind of thread a couple of times, and I like his idea smile

A thread, where new and old players can post some lines about themselves, introduce to each other, welcome new players, etc.
I will start happy It doesn't have to have structure, but I like structures, so I will use one biggrin

Name: Tomas
Nickname: Bubu (After that cartoon Yogi and Boo-boo)

Player since: I don't actually remember but it has been long time. I started with vanilla BF1942, moved to FH, DC, then to FHSW.

More stuff: I am co-admin of Deadly incredible elite clan (D.I.E.), which used to have about 10-15 people at certain times long time ago. The clan had hard times when bad things were happening and some friends quit, some friends are still around (Nimmy :D) and some are preoccupied with studies (Opti). So am I, but FHSW is my hobby. But I believe we will meet again one day hehe smile

Speaking about past brings bad memories and decisions I made and I am sorry about, so fast forward to presence. Currently I am server admin, and I happen to be in-game admin from time to time.
And I love this smiley: happy   (lol)

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mardukDate: Sunday, 2018-01-28, 8:16 AM | Message # 2
Group: Admins
Messages: 1216
Awards: 32
Reputation: 10
Status: Online
Name: Ivo
Nickname: [FHSW] Marduk

Player since: 2010
More stuff: Admin since 2010. I hate chaos and arguments. When I kick or ban, the only aim is to reestablish a nice enviroment for gaming. I have been accused of being too laissez faire one time and being too harsh the other time and sometimes people tell me that they do not like the maps I set. Mostly I do not care about that. Why? Because most of the players are happy with what I am doing here and this is what counts.

This is a gaming community. People come here to relax. If you start an argument you will get kicked.

Quid pro quo.
crazygameloverDate: Sunday, 2018-01-28, 2:36 PM | Message # 3
Group: Trusted
Messages: 301
Awards: 10
Reputation: 5
Status: Offline
Name: Mathew
Nickname: crazygamelover

Player since: December 2010
More stuff: There's something about FHSW that keeps be coming back. Every time I leave for a while, I'm always drawn back in eventually. I've played War Thunder, Forgotten Hope 2, Red Orchestra 2, Rising Storm, Invasion 1944 (Arma 2 mod) and all they do is make me want to play FHSW more  biggrin  With the community mappack we've been developing and some clientside modding I've been working on for the past 6 months (stay tuned maybe...?), I've found myself enjoying FHSW as much as when I first started playing 7+ years ago.
onnipatrika54Date: Sunday, 2018-01-28, 3:42 PM | Message # 4
Group: Recruit
Messages: 37
Awards: 3
Reputation: 1
Status: Offline
Name: Onni
Nickname: Gameplayer

Player since: 2013
More stuff: I have played war games since 2010 started from Battlefield 1942 singleplayer. I have played many games and mods like: BF vietnam, Bf2, Bf3, Bf1 (still playing this one), FH1, FH2 and more.
                   I have been admin in the server, but they kicked me out. That thing is solved and I don't complain anymore, but I help admins and players by suggestions and stuff maybe in future I am admin again, but dunno
                    maybe not :). I like to play with headphones at my head so if other like it too join to teamspeak with me and others like: E-3 and Radiomersh.

aka Gameplayer or Gameplayer500
LampoDate: Sunday, 2018-01-28, 7:15 PM | Message # 5
Donator of 40€
Group: Gold Donator
Messages: 299
Awards: 24
Reputation: 7
Status: Offline
Real name: Max or if you are in Italy Massimiliano or Maximilian... sometime "ehi are you deaf ?" 
Nickname: Lampo [ sometime lampoz or lampo33 ( why 33 ??? Who knows )]
Player since: 2002 with bf42, then DC, DC final, FH, FG42, BF1918, SH, Siege, FHSW, GC...
More stuff: job... play FHSW, sometime I work too; hobby: motorbike, hiking, porn watching, beers.
Religion: sure I'm italian, we have a lot of names for god...
Childhood dream: become a Franciscan monk ( at the moment I spend a lot of time talking with trees, animals, rocks... so, I'm on the right road )
Motto: In Ban We Trust
Personal notes: I'm always happy, I hate sadness and whiny people. I hate this stupid game too... but I love all its players ( also my sister would love you all but only if you pay her in advance ).

Robert_von_EberhahnDate: Tuesday, 2018-01-30, 4:45 PM | Message # 6
Lieutenant General
Group: Trusted
Messages: 985
Awards: 17
Reputation: 8
Status: Offline
Nickname: Bob
InGame name: Robert v.Eberhahn since 2005 (Name of my great grand pa, exept the von, I was familiar with him till my 4. year) He was on duty in WWI and lost his right lower leg there
Player since: FHSW since 2008 I´m quite sure

more stuff: Started my gaming activity on C64 in the early 80th at a friend with fort apokalypse, sword of fargoal, archon and many else and then on amiga with Battle Isle which was my kick in mecanised military gaming. Continued with the close combat series started in late 90s "bridge of Arnheim" , "the russian front" which involved my heavily in WWII history and so on. 2003 I get first contact with Battlefield 42 and 2004 first time in the net interactiv with other players, what an experience! 2004 discovering BG42 and FH and lost view on vanilla BF42 completly. 2005 jumped in the german comunity Forgotten hope warzone and played there 1 1/2 big campaigns from 1939 to 45 the last one in the german staff and for 8 month as comanding general. It was quite exhausting but so great fun !!! A short visit in FH² but it never get me so exited like FH. First contact wit FHSW in iirc 2008 on hellfish clan server, created by Stefan1990    and till there lost FH vanilla the same way completly out of view.
Sometimes Red Orchestra till then but only ground forces ... sad
Managed to get rid of FHSW for sometimes ... but its a dependence  seems there is some kharma going on ...

Never experienced such a diversity in any other mod, it´s simply unbelivable amazing !!!

My admin activity: Admin on our gameserver since 2017. I hate unjustice and often freak out if I am confronted with it, especially in the anonymity of inet where the bad guys no need to be afraid of a slap. I think I get a bit more relaxed since I am an admin (I hope I'm not just imagining that) because now I can react more propper as just insulting my opponent . But nevertheless I´m quite fast up with some punishment especially with senior players who forget themselves in some stupid actions ...

Motto: always try to behave like a gentleman with honor

Religion: Religion is only for people who can´t handle alcohol ... The devil creates a story give every folk a different version and tell every folk: "your one is the only true one! Take a look at the present now. Everything is nothing without at least a little bit empathy.

Childhood dream: be a pilot
Reality: beeing a carpenter and beekeeper wacko  biggrin but very happy with both happy

Gameserver admin on our FHSW Europ server

Message edited by Robert_von_Eberhahn - Tuesday, 2018-01-30, 4:47 PM
xxpollenzxxDate: Wednesday, 2018-01-31, 0:28 AM | Message # 7
Group: Recruit
Messages: 31
Awards: 1
Reputation: 1
Status: Offline
Note: Im just gonna do it cuz Lampo added Childhood dream and made me laugh (and cuz the reality of Robert is awesome D: )

Real name: Francisco
Nickname: Pollenz (Since my real nickname is Pollo (Chicken in spanish) and at young age wanted to "germanized" it)
Player since: I THINK that started to play FH on 2007, and barely played FHSW on an argentinian server when our BF1942 community was dying (2012). Then on lasts months of 2016 came back again from the grave and found this community.
More stuff: Started my shooter gaming with CS on 2001, then on 2005 found BF Vietnam on a cyber on a holiday, then when home tried to found it to play but only found (for free since I was a young kid with no money) the Demo of Wake Island of BF42 and played it for like 2 years (I loved that fucking demo!), then when got my own computer (2007) and was able to install the normal BF1942 found an argentinian community (I think that from videos found FH and when I was wanting to play it found the argentinian community that was playing it like 1 or 2 days a week at night) and started playing there. Enter a Clan (Brotherhood of Steel) and quicly begame SubCommander of it playing 4 years straight of tournaments (The tournaments were 1 per year) winning only on 2010 and getting 2nd place 2008/09/11 from 16-20 argentinian clans.
After that, the community died and went to World of Tanks (2011) and also enter a Clan (Cazadores on 2012) that became quickly one of the Best Latinamerican clans/teams of the NA Server (We got an exhibition playing against the best clan of the server circa 2013, and hop on the top 16 three seasons in a row on 2013-2014 almost getting top 8 to travel to Las Vegas weep ), then on Sept of 2014 I created my own Clan (_NPC_) trying to make the really best LA Clan joining all the players around other clans besides the ones on Cazadores, to be able to break on the top 10 and be able to face any other clan without hesitate. Made it of course, but then too much stuff to do alone (Call people, organize them, pay em with gold from the game, command battles, do diplomacy with other clans and such) broke my brain and quited WoT (and all) on June 2015 by travelling to Australia for 4 months.
After all that, only started to play again games with FHSW on 2016 as I said, since was my really first love smile
The good thing of all of this games/communities is that I met a lot of people from all places of Argentina and in WoT also from Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico and other countries from SA and I'm still in touch with them. That beeing said, if Im ever travel to Italy I WANT to meet you lampo! you are damn funny and look like a really good person!
Religion: Love, peace and respect.
Childhood dream: Become a Private Detective, and of course a WWII Pilot lol
Reality: Electrician/Gardener and any stuff that could make money to buy flour to make bread  biggrin

Note 2: Forgot to mention that in 2009-2012 played some FH campaigns on F|H and also played the FH2 one that was WaW against F|H (on WaW side lol), and this last year played 2 campaigns of FH2 on CMP community (Radio was there too)

Message edited by xxpollenzxx - Wednesday, 2018-01-31, 0:31 AM
Robert_von_EberhahnDate: Wednesday, 2018-01-31, 2:40 PM | Message # 8
Lieutenant General
Group: Trusted
Messages: 985
Awards: 17
Reputation: 8
Status: Offline
Oh yes, I enjoy it very much to read these storys! Great personally history, many thx for sharing this!
I thought u apeared longer ago then 2016 on our server Pollenz ?!
I had the same experience in beeing busy in "office" at the great campaign, creating personally papers, give medalls do promotions and all the other small things. If I get money for that ... biggrin

Gameserver admin on our FHSW Europ server

Message edited by Robert_von_Eberhahn - Wednesday, 2018-01-31, 2:42 PM
kukimuki1234Date: Wednesday, 2018-01-31, 2:58 PM | Message # 9
Group: Recruit
Messages: 47
Awards: 4
Reputation: 1
Status: Offline
Player since: about 2013
Religion:Orthodox Christian
Motto:Speak less,say more
Dream:Electrical Engineer,FHSW Admin tongue 
Reality:Still trying(High School Mihajlo Pupin)
Hobby:Model making,DIY Electronics,trying to learn  a little bit of everything...
andrewbarker2008Date: Saturday, 2018-02-03, 2:10 AM | Message # 10
Group: Recruit
Messages: 5
Awards: 1
Reputation: 0
Status: Offline
Name: Andrew Barker
Nickname: N/A (I use Andrew Barker as a profile name in Battlefield 1942, especially when I play single-player games within it)

Player since: 2005
Hobby: Playing video games (including computer games), watching television, and reading books.

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CanukAttakDate: Sunday, 2018-02-04, 7:43 AM | Message # 11
Group: Trusted
Messages: 76
Awards: 7
Reputation: 3
Status: Offline
Name : Eddie is my street/stage name. Real name Garrett
Nickname: [FHSW] Canukattak
Player since: the first month battlefield 1942 came out
Reality: when I was 13 became world famous, I went to England for the first time and got separated from my uncle, so for 30hrs I wondered the streets of London in search for my uncle. Didn't know there was 3 million flyers with my passport picture on it distributed around London the story was broadcasted in 60 different countries lol! Was 16 joined the Canadian army went to Afghanistan when I was 19. Left army at age 20. Came home became a gangster then had an opportunity to become a musician, have played for thousands met and played lots of famous musician after teaching Myself how to play bass in just under a year but have sang all my life, had two music videos two singles on the radio and am on 3 songs with another Musician.
Hobby: music military history sex ahaha and just being a smart ass
Dream: musician and soldier have done both
Just a few fun facts
Forum » [FHSW Europ] FHSW 0.51 Server: » Infos: » Community panel (A bit about each of us)
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