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MannsDate: Sunday, 2015-11-29, 7:09 PM | Message # 1
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Got banned from Marduk because I teamkilled somebody

a bit too hard ?

honor and duty

Private [DPB]Styv signed up for military service on ranked battlefields at 19:04:56 30|07|2008 in ForgottenHope 1
mardukDate: Sunday, 2015-11-29, 9:36 PM | Message # 2
Group: Admins
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Styv, you know as good as I know and many other players too, that you teamkilled on purpose several times. And not just on one fightnight. Dont play the little innocent, this is ridiculos.

Quid pro quo!
LampoDate: Sunday, 2015-11-29, 9:57 PM | Message # 3
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let him play... he's an old player. Tkilling on pourpose is unfair but i think he has understood now, i hope biggrin

+ -
Robert_von_EberhahnDate: Sunday, 2015-11-29, 10:32 PM | Message # 4
Lieutenant General
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He didn´t understand since 6 years till I know him. Ask Sepp, Moewe and me last weekend or that before didn´t remember clearly, what happend in Teamspeak FHSW Europ during that teamkill orgy. Absolutly unbelivable. OK I stop here. Only thing to say is that I´m very satisfied that it´s now, at least for a time, more "peacefull"  happy on the server.

edit: and to blame Marduk for this is the top ...

Message edited by Robert_von_Eberhahn - Sunday, 2015-11-29, 10:33 PM
Endless_NamelessDate: Monday, 2015-11-30, 6:11 PM | Message # 5
Group: Admins
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You were banned for 1 week, it expired yesterday. Feel free to join but no more intentional teamkills or it will be 1 month next time.

@certain other people: I also don't want to see you provoking Styv constantly or you will get a timeout, too.

Case closed.

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