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Forum » [FHSW Europ] FHSW 0.61 Server: » Complaint Area » Marduk
MannsDate: Sunday, 2015-11-29, 7:09 PM | Message # 1
Group: Blocked
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Got banned from Marduk because I teamkilled somebody

a bit too hard ?

honor and duty

Private [DPB]Styv signed up for military service on ranked battlefields at 19:04:56 30|07|2008 in ForgottenHope 1
mardukDate: Sunday, 2015-11-29, 9:36 PM | Message # 2
Chief of staff
Group: Admins
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Styv, you know as good as I know and many other players too, that you teamkilled on purpose several times. And not just on one fightnight. Dont play the little innocent, this is ridiculos.

This is a gaming community. People come here to relax. If you start an argument you will get kicked.

Quid pro quo.
LampoDate: Sunday, 2015-11-29, 9:57 PM | Message # 3
Donator of 40€
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let him play... he's an old player. Tkilling on pourpose is unfair but i think he has understood now, i hope biggrin

Robert_von_EberhahnDate: Sunday, 2015-11-29, 10:32 PM | Message # 4
Lieutenant General
Group: Trusted
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He didn´t understand since 6 years till I know him. Ask Sepp, Moewe and me last weekend or that before didn´t remember clearly, what happend in Teamspeak FHSW Europ during that teamkill orgy. Absolutly unbelivable. OK I stop here. Only thing to say is that I´m very satisfied that it´s now, at least for a time, more "peacefull"  happy on the server.

edit: and to blame Marduk for this is the top ...

Gameserver admin on our FHSW Europ server

Message edited by Robert_von_Eberhahn - Sunday, 2015-11-29, 10:33 PM
Endless_NamelessDate: Monday, 2015-11-30, 6:11 PM | Message # 5
Group: Admins
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You were banned for 1 week, it expired yesterday. Feel free to join but no more intentional teamkills or it will be 1 month next time.

@certain other people: I also don't want to see you provoking Styv constantly or you will get a timeout, too.

Case closed.

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Forum » [FHSW Europ] FHSW 0.61 Server: » Complaint Area » Marduk
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