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Battlfield Mod News Thread 2015
LauxDate: Monday, 2015-03-09, 11:52 PM | Message # 1
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FH Modding: Bloody screen HUD effect released!

Hello friends of modding!

Today we want to you the new blood optics for FH 0.7 of the modders "TomPL" and "WoWo_Soldier" imagine. .

The new effect you will now get after each hit a bloodstain appears briefly on the screen. Then the stain disappears.
Then, when you're as good as dead, you still have a pale red border that draws attention to it.
If You were shot dead, then is a unique red spot on the screen, which will disappear after a short time.
If your installed once the Blood HUD patch for Forgotten Hope, then it will automatically already with FHSW as both mods like twins together hang. If you found the effect known? Yes, there are at Finn Wars for example. We find the reaction at FH succeeded.
Installation: Battlefield 1942 / mods / FH / Archives / (menu_001.rfa paste here)


Forgotten Hope 0.7 and 0.552 FHSW Mod is here: click button
BLOODY SCREEN + LOW HP: click button
LauxDate: Monday, 2015-03-09, 11:53 PM | Message # 2
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The Battlegroup42 team reporting as promised with the second part of the model concept back.
And we from [HG]News Team are faster than the police allowed and report well as the first community about it.
In today's news vehicles are presented, which should help the battlefields more authentically represent the Battlegroup42 world.
The works come from the experienced modellers Gauranga and scratches.

The first model comes from scratches.
It is the newest / latest work, the Renault UE train. This unarmed vehicle was used in 1940 in Belgium and France as transporters and gun tractor . Although many of these vehicles were captured by the Wehrmacht, but only two ways to program this type of vehicle on the French side with Repair- / reload function for vehicles of their own troops, as well as a tractor for the French 47mm anti-tank gun in Battlegroup42 used .. So that the vehicle is on the Western Front Laffly S15TOE replaced, which was used only in the French colonies.

In the second bite is an unarmed tractor from the modeller Gauranga , which was used by the Wehrmacht.
This zugstarke half-track tractor Sdkfz.7 model as a support vehicle with Repair- / reload function, as well as tanks mountains, troop carriers, tractors for the gravity field howitzer 18 employed almost everywhere in the Wehrmacht.
The model was often wished from the active Battlegroup42 fan base, thus it was with or without hood on the roof to find his way in the model of the mod. Now the Farhzeug is in Battlegroup42 be. As a treat for all fans Battlegroup42, the modders have SargeSurfat (skin) and Sarge31FR (model) the model Sdkfz.7 to Italian license version Breda 61 rebuilt. These will be found on many maps there and replace unsuitable German equipment, which previously served as a stopgap.

Last but not least, thanks to Gauranga the American M3 half-track from the original game replaced by a private Battlegroup42 model. Sarge31FR took over the model and adapted it in various versions, such as the mortar carrier M21 , the self-propelled guns M16 , the T19 and M3GMC . The Sdkfz.4 / 1 turn is new, also known as Panzerwerfer 43 . It is the armored version of the half-track truck Opel mule , which in 1943 was used. The vehicle is equipped with ten pivotal 15cm launcher tubes for artillery rockets. It is now to be found on the maps of the second half of the war and be there accompanied by a version without the launcher, which secures the supply of ammunition - the Panzerwerfer Features a shooting performance of two salvos.

That's the second part of the presentation Battlegroup42 model. Rejoice forward to the third part of the series of presentations. Also there you can  surprising yourself and exciting last-minute additions expect as next- so check back often for stop by, when it came to our news!

The current version of the mod can you from our download pool invite: click Download Pool  

From our side Thank you to the Battlegroup42 team that you are regularly supplied us with news and sooo busy at Tinker.
LauxDate: Monday, 2015-03-09, 11:54 PM | Message # 3
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Hello dear fans of FHSW Mod and modding.
Today we want to introduce you the next map "Skirmish", which comes from the map pack, I'll link to you at the end of the news series.
As announced last time, this presentation is one of several FHSW Custom Map presentations here.
The map was also created by the mapper "Nanntekottai".
In this second night Map it comes to stop the advancing German troops transporter to be able to capture additional supply routes for themselves.
These are the Brit's armed forces tank available.
Skirmish is reminiscent of a jungle fight because the map is a large area covered by forest.
Tucked in between the supply lines of the British.

The map comes from the recently published on 01/30/2015 FHSW map pack from Japan.
Download, there are, however, only in the final map presentation, as a little treat for you.

(Mode: Comquest)
(Participating groups: Germany: United Kingdom)


Who has now become hot to play FHSW who can download the mod. You will find everything you need can be found here in: Download Pool

Writes time feedback on whether you like the map?
Is there something we could have forgotten to mention? It then writes down.
LauxDate: Tuesday, 2015-03-10, 0:14 AM | Message # 4
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Hallo Freunde des Moddings!

Heute berichten wir über die "Desert Combat" Mod Mod "Super DC", das heißt ihr benötigt Desert Combat um Super DC zu spielen. Die Idee an Super DC weiterzuarbeiten hat der Modder "bbfplayer" wieder ins Leben gerufen.Auf den Artikel sind wir auf der Webseite gekommen: Source
Darin schreibt "bbfplayer", dass er von Erfahrenen Moddern Hilfe brauchen könnte, denn er möchte weitere Fahrzeuge und Maps in Super DC hinzunfügen?!

Hinzufügen möchte "bbfplayer":

-WW3RA( russian assault, BFV) t95 blackeagle, smerch ....
-Nightfighters(BF1942) B2 bomber ....
-action bf(bf1942) atom bomb effect.....
-SILENT HEROES(bf1942) some EU tanks, tiger ...
-BF2 (bf1942) china tanks, planes...
-FB42 (bf1942) some Vehicles for russian and chechen side
-opk(BFV) german Vehicles for EU side
-DC_UNAUTHORIZED (bf1942) bm21 standart mesh, some hellecopters ,maps
-FH (bf1942) maps
-Who Dares Wins (bf1942) SAS, specnaz , chechen skin, b52 bomber .....
-Global Front (bf1942) mi24 E , skins, maps......

Nach eigenen Angaben hat "bbfplayer" erst einen kleinen Teil der Arbeit vollzogen. Bisher hat er nur die Erlaubnis von dem Erfahrenen Modder "Apache Thunder" Content nutzen zu dürfen. ("Apache Thunder" bekannt durch: DC Reihe, BF242 Redux, BF Heroes 42,Mario Kart, Radio Conroll
Cars, Ragdoll, Flat Wheels, Rally) um nur einige Projekte von "Apache Thunder"  zu nennen.
Also wenn einer der Devs, alter und neuer Mod Prokjekte zuschaut, legt dem
"bbfplayer" keine Steine in weg? Und nehmt Kontakt auf, insofern es
möglich ist.

Freundlicherweise erhielt "bbfplayer" die Erlaubnis FH Content nutzen zu dürfen, aber im Moment hat er nicht vor FH Maps zu Super DC hinzuzufügen.

In den unten vorgestellten Bildern hat "bbfplayer" die russischen Skins von der Mod "Who Dares Wins" übernommen. Desweiteren kann man jetzt Munition und Medikits droppen, ähnlich wie man es von BF 2 her kennt. Und man kann nachwievor klassisch mit dem Medipack in der Hand heilen und Munition ausgeben. Dazu gibt es noch die 5/10 Sekunden Sprengpacks, die sich selber sprengen.

Aber schaut selbst was die Mod jetzt schon im Grundgerüst zu bieten hat:"bbfplayer" hat vor eine Modern Warfare Realism Mod aus Super DC zu machen, ähnlich wie man es von BF 2 her kennt. Vor ein paar Wochen wurden der Mod, laut "bbfplayer", neue Waffen und Fahrzeuge hinzugefügt, aber noch nicht alles auf die beteiligten Fraktionen und Maps verteilt.Changelog Auszug:Mask of kits for all teams:AssaultMachineGunner_t1 for ammo box axisorMachineGunner_t2 for ammo box alliesATMedic_t1 for medibag axisorMedic_t2 medibag alliesEngineerSniper_H (AW50, KSVK,M82......)orSniper_L (PSG-1, SVD-S,Dragunov.....)SpecOpsPossible items:USA_ARMYUSA_SEALSUSA_MERCENARIES(?)BRITISH_SASIRAQ_ARMYMECMEI

Für China wurde einzig die spezifische Handfeuerwaffe type95 hinzugefügt, diese gibt es bereits auch bei der russischen Fraktion.
Falls jemand weiß welche Modernen Waffen die chinesen nutzen, könnt ihr
das gerne mitteilen? Vielleicht gabs davon einen Auszug in einer der BF
1942 Mods?Jetzt kommt das Highlight für euch. Ihr könnt euch schon jetzt die Super DC Beta Test Demo runterladen, beachtet unbedingt, dass ihr Desert Combat 0.7 benötigt.;-)

Beachtet bitte das im Web leider nur ein Torrent zum Super DC 2 Download zur Verfügung steht: Download Pool 2015
Die vollständigen Credits möchte "bbfplayer" noch nachliefern.

In der Demo sind bereits 20-30 % der Maps, 80-90% der Handfeuerwaffen,
30-40% der Panzer und Flugzeuge enthalten. Es sind noch nicht alle Items
drin. Und die Terroristen und Afghanischen Rebellen sind noch nicht
Das wars mit der guten Nachricht aus der Modding Szene für heute.
Wir hoffen es hat euch gefallen und ihr könnt helfen das ganze Super DC Projekt
zum Erfolg zu machen?
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