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Friday, 2016-12-09, 1:58 AM
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Forum » Welcome to the [FHSW] Europ Community! » Announcements » Framtaday Events: EoD Vietnam 10th & Star Wars/Pirates!
Framtaday Events: EoD Vietnam 10th & Star Wars/Pirates!
LauxDate: Wednesday, 2016-10-05, 11:18 AM | Message # 1
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Hi friends of Eve of Destruction Vietnam Mod, it's Octobeeer!

Now it is summer happening again, Vietnam calls: "Charlie don't surf time"!

Already for the 10th time this year.

Her since being invited in regardless of whether your operating system is Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 or 10 means!

Friday night, the 07.10.2016 at 08:00pm CET o'clock we go, coat it on thick in your calendar or mobile Oragnizer.
For this year let's rock that 9th Friday mainevent on hslan.

Movie appetizer:

In addition, we visit the server daily in the evening from 08:00pm CET! If do you want, you can meet us with some guys there.
So please not only hold the date on the event, which takes place every first Friday monthly, come one evening you can spontaneously.

Server Name: [] EoD Classic 2.51


Port: 14567

What you need to play? :rotate:

1.) Basic for the new Fans: Download

2.) bf1942.exe Patch for finding Server extract to your "..EA GAMES/Battlefield 1942.." Folder and overwrite the old one: Download

3.) Eve of Destruction 2.51 Mod, got the 5 Parts + 2.51 Hotfix (don`t forget this small one): Download

How i install a mod? In which path of the folder i install a have mod? Click this picture:

So, this must then look at you.

Writes some comments, if it worked for you? And if You were be there? Your Comment or Feedback is always welcome on!

Come on, peak the visits on the Server up!

There we play:

The Second part of the news today comes here. We invite you this weekend to the Saturday Afternnon Pirates and Galactic Conquest Event on the munity Server.

The Battlefield 1942 Community "" (undergoing a revamp) is pleased to announce the creation of a new dedicated server featuring two excellent mods: " Galactic Conquest" (Star Wars) and Battlefield Pirates! invites you to join our next event! saturday October 8th. While other classic mods like DC, FH, BF1918 have their own servers and communities, there's been a lack of GC and BFP representation for some time now. We want to fix that.
The new server (" BFP, GC") is listed through the [aX] master server so you'll be able to join if you're running any of the latest modified/patched BF1942 installations.

If you lost your copy of the BF game here: Download

We're also thrilled to announce our first scheduled BFP+GC Event which will take place on Saturday, October 8th at 1 PM EST (1800 UTC) and our time "4pm CET" in Europe will last at least a few hours.

Make sure to download and install both modifications: Battlefield Pirates and Galactic Conquest 8.1 before joining as the server will switch mods every 3 or 4 maps.

Speaking of which, we want to know what YOUR favorite maps are for both mods as we update the

24/7 maplist for the server. We currently run:


Finally, click here join our Discord server. Connect with other BF1942 mod fans and stay up-to-date on server events. See you on the battlefield!

sonikglightDate: Wednesday, 2016-10-05, 11:34 AM | Message # 2
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Laux, you hypocrite, join us on our server.

FHSW style .

Best regards. Winbean

Message edited by sonikglight - Wednesday, 2016-10-05, 11:37 AM
texafornian917Date: Thursday, 2016-10-06, 5:22 AM | Message # 3
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Thank you for posting about the BFP + GC event!  It is actually at 6 pm CETsmile I've been spreading the word about the FHSW 0.6 release and this weekend's events (at 8 PM CET?) through and its Discord channel.  We have also added a link to the server information so that more people can join.  

See you on the battlefield!
mardukDate: Thursday, 2016-10-06, 3:34 PM | Message # 4
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Thank you smile

Quid pro quo!
LauxDate: Friday, 2016-10-07, 10:50 PM | Message # 5
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Damit bin ich vollstens einverstanden.
Was mir nicht gefällt ist, dass eure Flyer und Linup immer erst 2 max 3 Tage vorher bekannt werden?
So kann man schlecht arbeiten und dasauch nicht Publik machen.
Ich helfe gerne, aber dazu brauche ich auch den Willen dieser die ich unterstütze ok?
Beste Werbung ist, wenn man nicht nur den eigenen Server unterstützt, sondern auch mal schaut woanders, was abgeht und so bekommt man auch neue Spieler.
Mir sind über die Jahre die Spieler automatisch dahin gefolgt wo ich war.
Aus interesse an verschiedenen Mods, denn das macht unser Spiel BF 1942 aus, die vielfalt an Mods.
Manchen Inhalt wirst du in keinem anderen Spiel finden.
Und manchen zusammenhalt schonmal gar nicht.

Eure Flyer sind Super, manch einer würde sich wünschen sowas schönes konstruieren zu können.
sonikglightDate: Sunday, 2016-10-09, 12:46 PM | Message # 6
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Laux, join the the server with us and we can talk about it there too just a thought, seen your buddy there yesterday  [HG]SEEADLER (GER).
we had so much fun FHSW style, look here, soon, every 1 you know will join us or die we have death star and you know it.

Any 1 ever seen that movie "evil dead" join us, join us, join us, join us. lol

Message edited by sonikglight - Sunday, 2016-10-09, 12:51 PM
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