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Equipment of the Year 2012
Fritz-KempfDate: Tuesday, 2012-12-11, 12:17 PM | Message # 1
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2012 is nearly over and 3 versions are active during that year! Its time to find out wich equipment you want to see in the top 10 Equioment of the Year 2012. What is your best equipment and why? Please before you post, a few things i want to say!

-> Equipment means everything you can use. From Civilien to Military, from ships to handweapons. Tanks, artillery, trucks, ....
-> Please think about it. Why you want that? What are the ingame pluses and what are the ingame weakness? The Maus can be the most powerfull german tank, it have also some weakness and its for me not the number one. Example: strong points is the two guns wich can destroy vehicles and his armour. Weakness to heavy and to slow, to big, a greattarget.
-> Think about the changes made between versions. An equipment can be bether in the previous version then the current version. No problem, just say that!

You can find nearly all vehicles in the Wiki and some of them have already information.

Sunday January 6 2012 is the last day you can bring your top 20 and Sunday January 13 we know the top10 Best Equipment of the Year 2012!

Forum » Welcome to the [FHSW] Europ Community! » FHSW Corner » Equipment of the Year 2012
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