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FHSW Suggestions Thread Vol. II
Endless_NamelessDate: Sunday, 2013-12-15, 4:53 PM | Message # 1
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Post your suggestions for future FHSW versions here, not only vehicles but also game mechanics and effects.


  • Try to only suggest one or two things in one posting.
  • Explain why you suggest it, we have tons of vehicles (especially tanks) already keep that in mind.
  • Please no reposts of things which are already recorded in the list below

    Posts which don't follow the rules may be deleted without comment.

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    Joni_KillerDate: Tuesday, 2017-05-02, 3:08 PM | Message # 181
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    Quote Fritz-Kempf ()
    Give to me that monter!  yahoo

    Added (2017-05-02, 3:01 PM)

    Quote Endless_Nameless ()
    female soldiers
    Wow, i want that)

    Added (2017-05-02, 3:08 PM)
    KV-4 looked how Maus model.

    bubuDate: Thursday, 2017-05-04, 5:09 PM | Message # 182
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    So I watched 233 Drache Helicopter in action on YouTube...

    Since it is in the game already but with with rather non-historic purpose, we might add slightly more historic purpose of transportation for it - for example it would be possible to spawn mountain howitzer or AT gun from it, just like from APCs.

    Added (2017-05-04, 5:09 PM)

    Quote Endless_Nameless ()
    Yugoslavia faction

    We may as well as add Czechoslovak faction then   Czechoslovakia had quite a decent arsenal:

    ZK-383; ZB vz. 26 as basis for Bren MG (LMG); vz. 24 rifles developed from Gewehr 98; ZB-53 (HMG)....

    Land vehicles:
    When you click on the ZB-53 link, the Wikipedia has very nice table in the bottom of that page and it lists all the equipment of Czechoslovakia in years 1919-1945 in terms of infantry firearms, AT/AA, Artillery and armored vehicles.
    Panzer 38(t) is actually Czechoslovak tank, so one tank is finished already. ^_^

    From this comprehensive list of all the planes used in WW2 I selected a few noticeable airplanes worth adding:
    Bombers: Bloch MB200 (locally built) and its replacement Aero A300; borrowed Soviet planes Tupolev SB under production name Avia B-71 and finally Aero A304.
    Fighters: There were mainly biplane planes (referenced below) but the most famous fighter prototypes were Avia B.35 and Avia B.135 .
    Biplanes Letov Š-16, Aero A.32 and Aero A.11  were slowly replaced by Aero A.100. There is large operational history for Avia B-534 being the most advanced one of these biplanes.
    Prototypes: Praga E-210 for transportation; Avia B-158 and Letov Š-50 used as light bombers.

    Historical aspect:
    Many of these weapons were used by Yugoslavia as well. This is because Czechoslovakia had small defensive
    alliance with Yugoslavia before the breakout of the war. After the
    German occupation and split to Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and
    First Slovak Republic, these weapons were used by Axis forces. Some of the planes, notably Avia B.135 was used by Bulgaria.

    There also are possible maps: Theater of Slovak National Uprising (1944) and famous Battle for Dukla Pass (FH2 has one map for this battle). There also may be a map about Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, which was a para-drop mission carried out from UK by Czechoslovak paratroopers.

    If there is any intention of adding this faction, I could even record the in-game commands to the Czech and Slovak variants once I am told which audio format is needed.
    mardukDate: Friday, 2017-05-26, 7:44 AM | Message # 183
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    I would love to see more heavy artillery such as

    -sFH 18:

    -K 5:

    -"Long Tom":

    This is a gaming community. People come here to relax. If you start an argument you will get kicked.

    Quid pro quo.
    Robert_von_EberhahnDate: Saturday, 2017-05-27, 9:15 AM | Message # 184
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    During the serverside discussion about Kharkov outskirts and some finetuned tactical possibilitys some ideas popped up.

    - please design a pick up Officer kit (for all nations of course) with a flag in the item menu that can placed anywhere and acts like a temporary spawnpoint, with aditonaly smoke, marker and some usefull things like that. I know it´s possible, we had that back in 2006 in my german speaking community in a minimod too.

    - actually not sure if it´s already there? Please add smoke shells to the mortar kit.

    - Please design a pick up remote kit in which u can choose what kind of airsupport u call in:

    for example a Heinkel 111 level carpetbombing (that one from which the small bombs spead out to the sides on a quite large area )
    a formation of 3 Stukas level bombing
    a single Stuka with one bomb for divebombing on a spot.

    That three posibilitys to choose and fiting for the different periods of time

    THX in advance to the modders and maybe it finds it way in an upcoming version.

    Gameserver admin on our FHSW Europ server
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