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Client customization (S&T-Pack/Download)
mayerDate: Saturday, 2013-12-21, 6:21 PM | Message # 1
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This thread compiles all kinds of modifications to FHSW client files
which do not block the ability to play online with the latest released version
If you search for tips for graphical improvements without additional game files, look into our BF42tweak collection

  • Historical Sound & Textures
    The famous improvement package with custom sound and textures, originally a compilation of Mr_Cheese's textures and GeRmAn~Bratwurst's sound pack for FH1 which has been adjusted for use with FHSW and equipped with completely new sounds by BigV.

    DOWNLOAD S&T_110831(0.42) for FHSW 0.51
    download from mirror 1 (mediafire)
    download from mirror 2 (Mega)
    Special Thanks to Endless Nameless for the adaptation to 0.51/several fixes
    and RADIOSMERSH for the uploads on google drive and mega, mirror1 provided by Mayer

    Installation: unpack the zip file and move the FHSW and STFHSW folders to ...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\ , overwrite init.con

    Disclaimer: This texture pack was not made to promote any actions or beliefs
    of Nazism nor Japanese Imperialism. It's only purpose is to put historically
    accurate textures into the Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon mod for the sake of historical authenticity.

    Historical Textures

    menu - French, German, Finnish flags, French weapon selection pics

    Desert - Bofors 1st pers, Bofors trailer, Flak 38 desert camo
    Night - 109, 110, 190, 219 and 262 swastikas added, flags
    Winter - ammo box, barrels, boxes, crates, medic box, mil.fence,
    Aus - flags
    Brit Africa - Matilda correct camo
    Brit Navy - uniform, flags
    Brit Para - Brit WACO
    Canadian - flags, uniform, helmet
    Chinese - P40
    Finland - 109, flags, Hanomag, Wespe, BT42, T26
    French - flags
    German - flags, ammo tin, ammo box, all fh planes swastikas, Wespe 3-tone camo, Goliath dunkelgelb, ammo crates swastikas, backpack, officer/tanker caps, StuGIIIG 3-tone, faces (Scope)
    DAK - Flak 38 desert camo, backpack, plane swastikas (Bf109, Bf110, Fw190, He111, Ju87, Me262), officer/tanker caps, Hanomag, DAK swastika insignia (PzII, PzIIIJ, PzIIIJ long barrel, Kubel)
    Ger Winter - backpack, plane swastikas (Bf109, Bf110, He111, He219, Ju87), Flak 38 winter, helmet, Pz747(r) turret, PAK 40, PzIV, various LODs
    Ger Kriegsmarine - officer/tanker caps, uniform
    Italy - Scope's faces, flags, pain grenade
    Poland - flags
    Russia Winter - Il2 camo, backpack
    US Winter - M36, 50 cal, helmets, Priest, M3 APC
    Scope's guns - Arisaka, BAR, Jap grenade, K98/scope, M1 Carbine, Garand, Tommygun, Brit grenade, Moisin, Mp44, No4, Luger, PPSh, USSR grenade, Springfield, SVT40, Thompson
    Scope's cockpits - Val, Hellcat, Bf109, Ju87, Wildcat, Zero
    General - camo net, medic box (Scope), parachute, rubber dingy

    Credits go to Mr_Cheese, Rikupsoni, Hanley, Scope, Gauntlet, SaUrOn

  • map specific textures
    the non-general uniform skins & textures which were created for specific maps to present them historically accurate

    DOWNLOAD STFHSW map files
    These files enable them when you have Historical Sound & Textures installed.
    adaptation to FHSW0.51 by Mayer

    Installation: unzip the file and place folder 'bf1942' into ...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\STFHSW\Archives\

    Alpenfestung - SS hats/helmets, SS uniform, SS Kubel, M41a1 Sherman with swastika kill marks
    Arnhem - SS hats/helmets, SS uniform, Hohenstaufen vehicles (Hanomag, Kubel, PzIV, Panther, Puma, StuGIII, Tiger)
    Battle of Britain - Brit/Ger pilot skins, Bf109 skin, Luftwaffe Kubel
    Battle of the Bulge - winter SS uniform/helmets/hats
    Battle of Orel - Heer uniform/helmets, camo SdKfz 222 and Wespe
    Berlin Streets - SS/Heer/Volssturm uniforms, Hitler Jugend dagger, dirtied and bloodied uniforms and faces
    Bombing the Reich - night Brit/Ger pilot skins
    Breakthrough - Luftwaffe ground troops uniforms/hats/helmets, Luftwaffe Kubel
    Counterattack - Heer uniform/helmet
    Cretan Village - emplacement ammo boxes, German flag, Ju52 skin
    Crete - Bf110 camo/swastikas, Fallschirmjaeger uniform
    Eastern Blitz - Heer uniform/helmets, ammo box swastika, early war armour markings (PzII, Pz38(t))
    Fall Weiss - Heer uniform/helmets, ammo box swastika, early war armour markings (PzII, Pz38(t))
    Gold Beach - Heer uniform/helmets
    Goodwood - SS uniform/hats/helmets, SS Kubel
    Kharkov Winter - Heer uniform/helmets
    Kiew - swastikas on FJ hats
    Liberation of Caen - SS uniforms/hats/helmets, Hitler Jungend dagger, SS Hanomag and Kubel
    Pegasus - Heer uniform/helmet
    Prokhorovka - SS uniform/hats/helmets
    Ramelle Neuville - SS uniform/hats/helmets, SS Kubel
    Sector 318 - SS uniform
    Spurning Fate - SS licence plate on Falke and Uhu, removed sleeve eagles on German uniform
    Stalingrad - Heer uniform/helmet

    and furthermore unlisted texture changes of static objects, terrain and uniforms

  • MG15 fix
    this fix restores the missing sounds for the MG 15 in the Historical S&T for 0.51

    Download objects.rfa

    Installation: place objects.rfa into ...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\STFHSW\Archives and replace(overwrite) the old one

  • Stug_G_late texture fix
    removes mixed up stug textures on Operation Blackknight and Liberation of Caen


    Installation: unzip and put content into ...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\STFHSW , overwrite existing files

  • Suomussalmi texture changes
    new textures for Suomussalmi, a S&T addon by Mayer

    Download Suomussalmi.rfa

    Installation: place rfa into ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\STFHSW\Archives\bf1942\levels

    - Removed finnish roundels on soviet I-153
    - Replaced ahistorical Nazi Posters with Finnish War Posters
    - Replaced FH spring camouflage for french modèle 1897 with original bf1918 texture (grey) and custom wheel texture
    - Replaced german description on ammoboxes in allied base

  • Realistic Gun sounds

    Download sound_001.rfa

    Installation: place sound_001.rfa into folder
    When using FHSW pure: ...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FHSW\Archives
    When using FHSW with S&T pack: ...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\STFHSW\Archive

    includes sounds for

    mosing nagant

  • transmission voice commands (F1-F4) with walkie-talkie crackling noise for UK/AUS, USA, GER, JAP, SOV

    Download sound_001.rfa

    Installation: place sound_001.rfa into ...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FHSW\Archives
    When there is already a file with the same name, rename it into sound_002

  • FHSW sound pack ver0.25 from S&T OptionPack 0.1
    includes the above real gun sounds & transmission voices + alternative death & wounded sounds
    + a few alternative voices (except for germans only one new) for GER, UK/AUS, USA, JAP, SOV

    Download sound_001.rfa

    Installation: place sound_001.rfa into folder
    When using FHSW pure: ...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FHSW\Archives
    When using FHSW with S&T pack: ...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\STFHSW\Archive

  • new DShK38 sound
    made by Slobodan

    Download dshk38.rar

    Installation: unpack the sound.rfa in STFHSW with winRFA and place content of dshk38.rar into \44khz , repack it and replace the old sound.rfa

  • Lightmaps
    experience FHSW maps which previously lacked lightmapping with Lightmaps made by the community
    a major graphical overhaul!

    Download Lightmappack

    Installation: Unzip the file and place maps(xxx_001) into ...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FHSW\Archives\bf1942\levels

    included are Lightmaps for


    Credits go to Eye

  • Ragdolls
    Apache Thunder's bf42 ragdoll animations for use with FHSW

    Download animations.rfa

    When using S&T put animations.rfa into ...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\STFHSW\Archives
    Otherwise rename it to animations_001.rfa and put it in ...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FHSW\Archives

  • wounded vision
    being injured gives you a bloody screen, made by ActionMan & Commander, converted to FHSW by Mayer

    Download menu_001.rfa

    Installation: put menu_001.rfa into ...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FHSW\Archives

  • HD menu
    by tuia and unexpectedpanda

    Download menu_001.rfa

    Installation: put menu_001.rfa into
    When using S&T ...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\STFHSW\Archives
    otherwise ...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FHSW\Archives

  • custom music
    Tired of hearing the FH1 loading theme for the thousandth time?
    Annoyed by the FHSW menu music (Ode to Joy)?
    Then you are right here. Choose whatever music file you like

    vehicle4.bik = loading song
    slaughter4.bik = menu music

    Installation: download file and replace the one in ...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FHSW\music
    I recommend to backup the original file by moving it in another folder or renaming it

  • background music
    installing these files will give you background music while playing

    S&T OptionPack 0.1 background music

    Download S&T OptionPack 0.1 background music

    Installation: Unzip content of Background into ...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FHSW\music

  • custom background movies

    New background movies for the menu

    Note: None of the background.bik files stores audio
    you need to download the slaughter4.bik for music from the video

    Installation: download file "background.bik" and replace the one in ...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FHSW\movies
    I recommend to backup the original file

RADIOSMERSHDate: Wednesday, 2017-08-02, 9:23 PM | Message # 161
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Quote crazygamelover ()
Hey dudes. For a long time it's bugged me that on Suomussalmi the Russians have winter camo and the Finns don't, when IRL it was the exact opposite. Sooo i made some additions to mayer's S&T texture changes:
Very nice change, I've added it to main S&T pack.

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