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Forum » Welcome to the [FHSW] Europ Community! » Mapping » Attacking the Flakturm
Attacking the Flakturm
Fritz-KempfDate: Thursday, 2012-05-10, 3:30 PM | Message # 1
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I have an idea for a map, but i can't make it. No files and no time anymore. Its based on a level in Mohaa Airnborne. What is my idea:

Dakota's flying over a battlefield with a Flakturm, high in the air (ingame on high level 7 or 8 lmike Bombing the Reich) . The Germans most shoot them out the air before the Americans can jump out. The Americans most jump out the plane and try to land on the Flakturm. With C4, they most destroy the Flak's. But the flaks are made they are not easy to destroy (to have it fun). The Germans most protect them. Meanwhile, in the bunker there is a ammonution depot that also most be destroyed. The Americans most fight in the bunker against the Germans.

But what most the Americans do if they can not land on the tower? They most destroy the doors and enter the bunker. What you think?


Robert_von_EberhahnDate: Thursday, 2012-05-10, 6:04 PM | Message # 2
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I had the nearly the same idea klick message # 20

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Forum » Welcome to the [FHSW] Europ Community! » Mapping » Attacking the Flakturm
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