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[Help] - Custom Modifications on some Maps.
LorenzoDate: Friday, 2015-02-20, 8:15 PM | Message # 1
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I'm back to my roots, FHSW, I'm happy to see people playing every sunday... you know how much fun I have that I completely ignore I'm playing with 240ms+, heh, but I don't care, I'm playing the best mod ever made. I was able to get FHSW 4.2 to play Coop when bored. Anyways, it gets kinda repetitive.

I aim to improve several Coop maps:

First: Coral Sea map seems to be bugged, the US spawns with no carriers... their ticket count starts to go down until it reaches 0. I'd like to fix that by giving them their Carriers back. However, I must know if it's as simple as it sounds like. I have some experience with the BF2 Editor, I worked around with it for a good time but never actually got to finish a map, but at least I should know the basics like navigating to find an object, placing it and manipulating it. My point is: Is it about finding what I want, placing it on the map and that's it?. I'd love to fix it, as Coral Sea it's one of the most fun Coop maps IMO.

Second: A few new things added to maps like Midway (A Yamato Battleship and it's Allied Counterpart, if not, one more DD for both sides), Counterattack 1940, Alpenfestung and some others.

I did tried this years ago, I attempted to add FTs to the French in Counterattack 1940, never got to do it because I didn't know
how. But I completely forgot which tools I need and how did I managed to
open up a map, so I need to refresh my memory :).

So yeah, I hope to see a ton of people this Sunday, last one was great, about 40ish people smile

Endless_NamelessDate: Saturday, 2015-02-21, 8:40 AM | Message # 2
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Hi and welcome!

You can use Editor42, here's how to set it up:

Don't forget to save a lot because it likes to crash.

For adding vehicles I usually only use Editor42 to get the coordinates and then do the rest manually via coding.

I suggest to use this .rfa unpacker to edit BF1942 files:

The problem with Coral Sea is that the game wants to spawn lexingtoncoral and yorktowncoral which don't exist in the game files. Correct would be lexington and yorktown. To fix it open ObjectSpawnTemplates.con in the folder Singleplayer and change the things I just said. Done!

My Youtube Channel
aka eYe.ris
crazygameloverDate: Monday, 2015-02-23, 10:21 PM | Message # 3
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You can also use this tutorial if you forget how to replace vehicles and such. I assume this will work even if you just use the programs Endless listed:

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LorenzoDate: Tuesday, 2015-02-24, 1:16 AM | Message # 4
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Hey!, thanks to both of you!.

I got Coral Sea fixed :), I've been busy so I will try to experiment with others maps shortly.

See you!
Forum » Welcome to the [FHSW] Europ Community! » Mapping » [Help] - Custom Modifications on some Maps.
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