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What new map do you like to see in FHSW?
XenanabDate: Thursday, 2015-04-30, 11:26 PM | Message # 1
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I know that I have not quite much time for doing some mapping at the moment but if there is some, I'd like to work on a new project.

I've made a lot of ideas for map scenarios which I want to share with you.
Please feel free to post a comment which one of these you would prefer:

Lagoon Patrol - 1944 (conquest)
A pacific map where the Japanese marine and the US Navy duke it out with submarines, PT boats and sea planes. Both factions have a capturable base island and 3 neutral flags are set in the central area of the map. 2 are flags which can be conquered by boats and subs and the other is set on an abandoned isle in the middle. A thunder storm will greatly add to the atmosphere.
I have already started working on the map but stopped due to the lack of big sea planes like Catalina, Mavis, Emily, etc.. I really want to implement those there. also see here

Eagle's Nest - 1945 (push-mode) (conversion)
In my mind it was a great map of the SWoWWII expansion for BF1942 by Dice. I don't want to make a second Alpenfestung out of this.
I've thought about mostly light tank battles with focus on infantry raids. Light tanks like the new Chaffees have to protect various transporters of American units to make sure that the German control points can be captured easily. The Germans defend with with light/medium tanks and have to man their defence positions. Things will get serious when the allies are close to the eagle's nest, so counterspawn templates have to be placed.

In an Ambush - 1944 (push-mode)
Somewhere in Transcarpathia an Hungarian division has to stop the allied advance through the mountain passes. Towable canons and a few tanks are needed to set up a sneaky ambush while Russian scouts and reconaissance units must keep an eye on the complex landscape. Both the allies and the axis are adviced to make use of transport vehicles to maintain supplies and support on any front.

The White Death - 1940 (conquest)
Miles away from the battle of the Kollaa river in a snowy forested landscape, Finnish and Russian infantry regiments fight about the control of an abandoned village in the centre.
Certainly some high skilled Finnish snipers will stop the Russians from wandering around in the woods... but also the Russians have a trained sniper battalion prepared for battle.
Which regiment will be able to advance to the control point? Are the Finnish courageos enough to stop the Russian T 26 tanks?

Bir Hakeim - 1942 (conquest)
In the night a German tank battalion again tries to attack the fortifications of the 1st Free French brigade at the Bir Hakeim Oasis. The French need to hold their 2 flags. The Germans should never stop pushing with tanks and infantry, otherwise they are running out of time.
But it is hard for the allies to defend a position without any armor...
Adequate assets for the Free French Forces have to be made for this specific map.

Eora Village - 1942 (conquest)
The sun sets and the japanese artillery ceased fire. Now the Australian infantry tries to hold the position at the village Eora to stop the Japanese from marching on on the Kokoda track. This would be an infantry themed battle which is set in a mountaineous jungle with a river.

Forgotten Island - 1945 (push-mode)
On their great island hopping campaign the US Navy forgot one island. To make it a battle without many casualties the allies send in B17 bombers... but noone thought that on the island there are some hidden hangars with experimental Japanese interceptor planes like the Shinden and the Special Ki 109.
The island itself has high mountains and hilly terrain so the averagely equipped Japanese soldiers have an advantage with their defences. The whole "island invading and landing" part is not in the focus in this scenario. So it is no Saipan/Angaur/Makin/Iwo Jima 2.0.

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