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Server-side modding 0.61
mardukDate: Friday, 2017-05-19, 9:47 AM | Message # 1
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Applied SSMs:

A Day of Zitadelle
  • Reinstated Ferdinand

  • replaced B29 kit with 2 P51 kits, with 40 second respawn instead of 100 seconds
  • increased maxnumberspawn of T29 to 2

    Battle of Angaur
  • Replaced Lion with Jenkins (Fletcher class destroyer)
  • Removed one of the additional Japanese spawn points in the woods (south of flag 5)
  • Removed Japanese spawn APC
  • Immobilized aircraft carrier
  • Replaced LST-1 with 2x LCT Mk 5 because it's bugged and causes lags

    Battle of Foy
  • Allies now bleed until they capture flag 3
  • Decreased Goliath spawn time from 5.5 to 2.5 minutes

    Battle over Hokkaido:
  • Banzai kit that spawns in the tent at Axis main base now has an explosion power of SturmTiger's rocket
  • Two additional Tiger spawn

    Berlin Outskirts
  • Changed Maus to Elephant

  • Hafthohlladung pickup kits
  • Gebalte Ladung in Italian AT kit is replaced with Kampfpistole (40 mm HEAT ammunition)

  • Vehicle layout restored to pre-v0.6 state.

    Bombing the Reich
  • lowered objective HP from 260.000 to 100.000
  • Ships' respawn time increased to 6 minutes.

    Eagles Nest 1945
  • Doubled the respawn time of Greyhound
  • Added 15 seconds to the spawn time of Sherman w/ sandbags

  • French tanks in Germain main base replaced by Pz II/38 (t)

    El Alamein
  • replaced Leopard with Pz III Ausf. J
  • replaced towable Flak 18 with one on SdFkz 8 to avoid AA spamming
  • When Axis/Allies take North flag at the buildings in F1 spawns:
    -halftruck with permanent spawn
    -one stationary 88 mm gun (that also respawns when Allies take that flag)
    -two stationary PAKs (50 mm for Germans (with APCR rounds), 57 mm for Allies)
    -two MG-kits with mines
    -one sniper rifle
    -one 2 cm-/Bofors-Flak on the roof

    Fall Gelb-1940
  • added killer cage around French which dissapears after Germans capture all other flags
  • fixed mobile Flak 18 and Stug double spawn
  • Char B1's spawn time decreased by 45 seconds
  • One of the R35 tanks replaced with a Somua S-35
  • Removed one remote Stuka kit, also they don't respawn anymore

    Fht Operation Dracula
  • Immobilized Allied carrier
  • Removed the British destroyer

  • fixed a bug which made the Japanese cruiser Agano not spawn, now spawns when Allies take the village flag because the Allied cruiser also only spawns when the Japanese take that flag

    In the Hell of Bocage
  • Decreased Firefly respawn time from 150 to 100 seconds

    Kasserine Pass
  • Removed death zones at Allied base.

    Kharkov Winter
  • added 2 Schwimmwagens to German main base
  • 37 mm AA gun now spawns when Soviets take hill flag
  • added SdKfz 10/5 instead of Kettenkrad with Flak 30
  • added M3A1 with towable Bofors for Soviets
  • removed obstacles at the north bridge
  • Changed Axis spotter kit to Ju 88 with bombload of 6x250kg and 28x50kg
  • added one sniper kit to each main base
  • peplaced Carro Armato M13/40 and Semovente da 47/32 with Panzer IV
  • peplaced one of the fighters on both sides with Ju87D and IL2 respectively
  • added Flak 18 on Sd.Kfz. 8 chassis as countermeasure Soviet heavy tanks (spawns when they capture eastern flag)

    Operation Goodwood
  • The double Tortoise spawner now releases only one tank

    Op. Kikusui Day 1
  • Removed wrenches from Japanese kits
  • Lowered Yamato HP from 108k to 98k (the lowest option availible in map files)

    Op. Kikusui Day 2
  • Moved American fleet and spawnrotator planes closer to the Japanese base.

  • Churchill Kangaroo in Russian main base does not respawn once the flag is capped by Germans.

  • Replaced usual Daihatsu boats on Tsurumi oiler with tanks and field guns
  • Added one halftruck to each flag on the island
  • Added spawnable AT kit for Allies
  • Increased the range of sight from 500 to 1000m
  • Axis are in poccession of sea flags from the start

  • Removed Jagdtiger that spawns at 3rd flag
  • Replaced Maus with Jagdtiger

  • Moved plane spawnpoints at the last flag, so they don't explode immediately after spawning.
  • Increased time needed to capture flags from 10 to 15 seconds.

    Seelow Heights
  • Axis reinforcements (spawn-PZ IV + 2 * Panther and 2 * Stug) spawn on the road leading from the southeastern border of the map when Axis main gets taken

    Stalingrad Redsquare
  • four flags removed
  • train removed

    Stashuv Area
  • teamlocked ISU-152

    Westminster 1942
  • Additional Typhoon w/ rockets kit, which spawns near a pile of barrels at British main base.

  • Lowered insane Axis bleed from 100 to 8 tickets per min (twice as much as Allied)
  • Removed two SP Tortoises which spawn at the second flag

  • Restored missing knife in German AT kit

    This is a gaming community. People come here to relax. If you start an argument you will get kicked.

    Quid pro quo.
    Robert_von_EberhahnDate: Friday, 2018-08-24, 7:32 PM | Message # 241
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    wink  v

    Gameserver admin on our FHSW Europ server
    starking018Date: Saturday, 2018-08-25, 12:09 PM | Message # 242
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    The ships already have a hard time against planes because:
      * pilots can choose to attack from directions which are hard or impossible for AA to defend from (e.g. often the top);
      * very often planes are able to aim and drop/fire their payload, even if they get shot down later on;
      * bomb effectiveness was increased quite significantly in one of the latest FHSW versions;
      * the turrets or mounts usually can't be controlled individually, but are instead tied together in 1 position and they all fire in parallel lines that are often far from each other and far from the line of sight - this makes light AA close to useless in many cases (when realistically it should be very useful);

    This is a mod about advanced weapons, so it makes sense to have heavy AA with the effectiveness of proximity fuzed shells (which were not discussed in the video). When the US and UK adopted them they increased AAA effectiveness dramatically, and apparently other countries such as Germany were also prototyping them during the war.

    For these reasons I wouldn't decrease ship-mounted heavy AA gun effectiveness without also very carefully changing other things to keep the balance.

    Air Troll a.k.a. starking018
    mardukDate: Thursday, 2018-08-30, 1:49 AM | Message # 243
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    @starking: Alright. But I still think that it is to easy when you can shot down any airplane with two cannonades of ship flak batteries. I see all your points and I agree, but Flakers still have an easy life in FSHW, don't they?!

    This is a gaming community. People come here to relax. If you start an argument you will get kicked.

    Quid pro quo.
    starking018Date: Thursday, 2018-08-30, 2:37 PM | Message # 244
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    Awards: 15
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    Yes, strong AA can have an easy life in FSHW until they get targeted strategically and attacked with the right assets and right tactics, like anything else in the game. Big ships are supposed to be hard to kill.

    Air Troll a.k.a. starking018
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