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Thursday, 2016-12-08, 3:57 AM
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Forum » Welcome to the [FHSW] Europ Community! » Forgotten Honor » Sign up with the 119th Panzer-Grenadier Regiment today! (Your country needs you!)
Sign up with the 119th Panzer-Grenadier Regiment today!
SimoHayhaDate: Monday, 2014-02-10, 0:45 AM | Message # 1
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Welcome to the
119th Panzergrenadier Regiment


BATTLES: Saturdays from 20:00 UTC to 00:00 UTC

DIVISIONAL TRAININGS: Thursdays from 20:00 UTC to 21:30 UTC (or even more)

Company Command

Brave and talented soldiers are needed to answer the call to arms and fill the ranks of the 119th Panzer-Grenadier Regiment.
As a motorized infantry unit we will dominate the battlefield with speed
and the element of surprise. Our mission will be to hunt
down and engage enemy targets of oppurtunity as well as supporting our allies to effectively neutralize our objectives.

Company Commander

Hauptman Simo Hayha


Company Leutnant

Oberleutnant CanuckAttack



The 119 Panzer-Grenadiers will be fighting as a motorized infantry company.
Our primary emphasis will be swift movement around the battlefield
where and when we are needed. Troops can be expected to equip themselves
with infantry anti-tank weapons(panzershreck/faust, as well as demo
charges, haftolladung, etc), as well as heavy and light machine guns.
The regiment will limit itself to light vehicles, half-tracks, and the
occasional self-propelled gun, heavy tanks and remaining armor assets
are left as priority for the dedicated armor regiments. In an offensive
configuration the regiment will be expected to move quickly and exploit
weak spots in the enemy lines, as well as engaging enemy forces on an
ad-hoc basis. In defensive maps the regiment will be expected to man at
least a portion of the teams fixed anti-tank positions, with the rest of
the regiment providing an all round defense, reacting to enemy
intrusions as they occur.


Teamwork: Forgotten Honor isn't about killing streaks, medals and such. It's
teamwork. I don't care how good you are, you alone can't defeat the
Soviets. We need the whole team to overwhelm the enemy.

Etiquette: Behave yourselves in the forums and in-game. No flaming, no personal
attacks or anything else in that manner. This kind of behavior won´t
be tolerated at all, and no exceptions will be made.

No whining: If the map balance feels wrong, it most probably is
not. Our strat has failed. If we get only shovels as pickup kits, we
don't whine about them. We use them or we can use our bayonets.  We lose
because the enemy fights better, not because the world is against us.

Play fair: If the others don't, that's their problem. This is about
the integrity and standards we want here. If you spot someone playing
against the rules there are three simple steps: take a screenshot, send
it up to chain of command and game on.

Respect the enemy: They are just like you and me and if we give them a
chance, they'll wipe the floor with us. They would love to, but we train
hard and play hard. Let the best team (ours) win. Also remember that we
may be on the opposing sides on the server, but off the server we are
all members of FHT. So, keep civil at any moment or you will be punished
severely. Again, no exceptions will be made!.

Vehicle and pickup kits: In the maps there will be vehicles and pickup
kits at the Division's disposal. Sometimes your unit will be assigned
jeeps, trucks and pickup kits. Tanks are assigned only to the dedicated
tank regiment, unless mentioned otherwise. The officer in command will
assign individual soldiers to use that equipment.
Never take one of the vehicles or pickup kits without
asking the officer in command or unless you get ordered to do so.

Ask: Not knowing something (except Tournament Rules) isn't your fault. If
you have something to ask, make a post in the barracks, divisional
forum, support forum, PM your officers or support staff, chat in
Teamspeak or whatever, but don't be afraid to ask. We don't expect
everybody to know everything and everyone had to learn something when
they first joined.


Our regiment will be equipped with the most advanced mobile communication
equipment available to our forces. In order to maximize our efficiency
all members will be expected to provide up to date and detailed information on any enemy positions.

You will need:

Teamspeak 3

Forgotten Honor Teamspeak Server: Pass: forhonor

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SimoHayhaDate: Monday, 2014-02-10, 9:38 PM | Message # 2
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119th Panzer-Grenadiers.

Regimental anouncement!

Please do not forget to filll your info in the roster of our regiments forum once you have enlisted!
The sooner we all do this the sooner we can organize the regiment!

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Forum » Welcome to the [FHSW] Europ Community! » Forgotten Honor » Sign up with the 119th Panzer-Grenadier Regiment today! (Your country needs you!)
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