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Wednesday, 2017-02-22, 7:50 PM
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Rules for mapsetting
mardukDate: Monday, 2015-03-30, 5:38 AM | Message # 1
Group: Admins
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Based on our experiences as admins we are going to set up rules for the best mapsetting in order to
-GET as many players on the server AND
-KEEP as many players on the server as possible.

1. If you are the first (mapsetting-)admin who joins the server you have to SWITCH OFF THE MAPVOTE.

2. The mapchoices have to be set based on the number of players and the time of the day.

3. It is important to make a change and that means not to set two
-vanilla maps after another (e.g. El Alamein and then Kharkow Winter). It is FHSW!
-maps from the same theatre after another (e.g. Stalingrad and then Pavlovs House). We have events for that!
-air, see or tank maps after another (e.g. Rheinübung and then Battle of Leyte Gulf). Also: we have special events for that!

4. The more players join, the bigger the maps have to be and the more players leave the smaller the maps have to be.
That means an admin has to think one step ahead when the player number is increasing/decreasing.

5. If you are the last admin who leaves the server you have to SWITCH ON THE MAPVOTE.

Examples for mapsetting

0-4 players: El Alamein, Kharkow Winter, Midway, Bizerte, Chartres, Battle of Pavlov 1942, Stalingrad Redsquare, Karelia

4-8 players: Alpenfestung, Remagen, Arnhem, Rheinübung, FHT Dinant, Ramelle Neuville, Battle of Leyte Gulf, Battle of Leyte Gulf Day 2, Battle of Foy, Iron Monster, Pegasus, Guadalcanal, Cretan Village, Battle of Edsons Ridge, Counterattack, Kiev

8-12 players: Sector 318, Reichsbahn, Berlin Outskirts, A Day of Zitadelle, Abderdeen, Tobruk, Supercharge, Fall Weiss, Berlin Streets, Appenines, Battle at River Don, Raseiniai, The Forgotten Jungle

12-16 players: Invasion of the Philippines, Gold Beach, Battle of Britain, Battle of Gela, Battle of Orel, Battle of the Bulge, FHT Operation Longcloth 1943, Prokhorovka, Battle over Hokkaido, Eastern Blitz, Battle of Angaur, Battle of Iwo Jima, Battle of Valirisk, Desert Hill, Fall of Singapore, FHT Battle of Maret Line, FHT Golf Hotel, FHT Hong Kong 1941, Gazala, Hungary Forest, In the Hell of Bocage, Kasserine Pass 1943, Liberation of Caen, Nuenen, Operation Rattrap, Sand Storm, Soletschnogorsk 1941, Stalingrad Urban Area 1942, Suomussalmi 1939, The Great Pursuit, Transcarpatia, Ural Mountains, Wake, Wake Night

16-20 players: The Storm, Seelow Heights, Operation Springawakening, Operation Nordwind, Meuse River Line 1944, Air Raid Alert Kure 1945, Bombing the Reich 1945, Tulagi Island, Battle of Stalingrad, Ilomantsi, Operation Goodwood, Battle for Ortona, Battle of Makin, Desert Rose 1942, FHT The Breaking Point, Iwo Jima, Juno Beach, Kakazu Ridge, Kharkow Outskirts 1943, Korsun Pocket, Moscow Outskirts, Midway 1942, Monster des Stahls, Operation Hailstone, Operation Kikusi Day 1, Operation Kikusi Day 2, Siegfried Line, Tobruk, Todtenbruch 1944, Tunis 1943, Warsaw Uprising, Earned in Blood

20-24 players: Tarawa 1943, Breakthrough 1944, Manchuria 1945, Naichi 1945, Operation Coronet

24-30 players: Pakfront

30+ players: Omaha Charlie Sector

No-go-maps: Battle Isle

All admins who read this, please post your suggestions and I will add them to the list above!

This is a gaming community. People come here to relax. If you start an argument you will get kicked.

Quid pro quo!
Endless_NamelessDate: Monday, 2015-03-30, 6:31 PM | Message # 2
Group: Admins
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Good initiative. Especially the list seems very handy.

My Youtube Channel
slobodanDate: Monday, 2015-03-30, 7:30 PM | Message # 3
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He's Marduk... but he is right  smile

DeathDate: Friday, 2015-04-03, 6:16 AM | Message # 4
Major General
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Works for me  tongue
and the list is very helpful

CanukAttakDate: Tuesday, 2015-04-07, 8:58 PM | Message # 5
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sure sure
sonikglightDate: Sunday, 2016-05-08, 2:20 PM | Message # 6
Lieutenant Colonel
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I've been using FHSW wikipedia to pick the map suitable for the amount of players, and some players requests.

I do have one suggestion to help out with Map making decision, we use FHSW wikipedia.

There we get a clear understanding what map we are about to get into environment and all.

P.S. Me personally I don't think we should play back-to-back Pacific or european or African maps etc.

Message edited by sonikglight - Sunday, 2016-05-08, 2:21 PM
XenanabDate: Sunday, 2016-05-08, 3:19 PM | Message # 7
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Concerning map setting, the decriptions in the Wikia are not as good as years of gameplay experience in my opinion.
sonikglightDate: Sunday, 2016-05-08, 4:43 PM | Message # 8
Lieutenant Colonel
Group: Trusted
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Xenanab   Quote "Concerning map setting, the decriptions in the Wikia are not as good as years of gameplay experience in my opinion."

That maybe depending on the experience of administrator.

I mean it's been working out for me.

thanks for the reply.

Message edited by sonikglight - Sunday, 2016-05-08, 5:01 PM
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