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Thursday, 2017-03-23, 9:56 PM
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A secondary mod on our server?
BF1918 as secondary mod
1.Yes, permanent[ 7 ][30.43%]
2.Yes, but only on special occasions[ 11 ][47.83%]
3.No, FHSW only[ 5 ][21.74%]
Answers total: 23
mayerDate: Monday, 2014-01-27, 1:02 PM | Message # 1
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As already said, running battlegroup on this server is a bad idea because it takes attention away and its arcade-ish gameplay does not appeal to many in our community (me included) and isn't fit for competitive gaming.

(Mr_J's previous request for BG42 was downvoted by the majority)

However i think we should not shelve this thread yet.
I particular I ike the idea of having BF1918 seperately installed

Why? Because it is a well made mod with unusual setting and its community is unfortunately dead
Also this year marks the hundredth anniversary of the beginning of WW1, a BF1918 event would be the perfect commemoration