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Forum » [FHSW Europ] FHSW 0.61 Server: » Suggestions: » Reducing Lag on Monster des Stahles (m)
Reducing Lag on Monster des Stahles (m)
AdmNateEllisDate: Sunday, 2014-08-31, 7:01 PM | Message # 1
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I would like to suggest, that while the new ships and bombers were a nice addition to the new version, I think it's a bit too much. I think that the US should have one BB removed and have it replaced with a carrier. And I think the devs will have to really downgrade the Kii as she is, after all, an over powered Monster. That, or if possible, spawn her away from her main fleet (like in A2). I also noticed that maintaining distance from enemy ships and when friendly ships are spread out a bit greatly reduces lag.

Admins, if possible, would the server box be able to support more than 32GB of RAM and a Xeon CPU? Also, it may be sufficient for it to support 100GB/s network speed? I believe that the server may be having a hard time keeping up with all of the ship effects and what not as this could also contribute to the lag issues that many people have experienced.
Endless_NamelessDate: Tuesday, 2014-09-02, 8:19 PM | Message # 2
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Well the question is: Is the lag server or client side?

For those who can play on PrinceUmeboshi: How is the situation there, better or worse?

I know slobo has a powerful computer, do you experience lags on this map? For me the game already performes like shit (sometimes below 15 frames) when playing that map offline, just by myself. Once the battleships are gone I'm lag-free.

Final question: What is the limiting factor? CPU, GPU, RAM?

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Korsakov829Date: Wednesday, 2014-09-03, 4:12 AM | Message # 3
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I used to have 5 FPS on the Kii, I've switched to a better PC now so when I've the time I'll check and see if it's improved. Nate if you remember when I told you how to use the console to adjust mipmapbias to strip texture quality, setting that high removed much client lag if I recall.

As for server lag though, I don't remember anything unusual, all shots landed where they should have, etc.

Added (2014-09-03, 4:12 AM)
Tested on the better PC (8gb RAM i5 CPU Nvidia 210) and I had no problems, FPS a steady 40 (what I locked it to, could go higher). Only when I fired the Kii's gun did my FPS drop to about 20 and it was hardly noticeable. That's with all settings on high (excluding Nvidia settings). So unless somebody here has an even better machine and has problems, it's client-side.

Forum » [FHSW Europ] FHSW 0.61 Server: » Suggestions: » Reducing Lag on Monster des Stahles (m)
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