11:23 PM
unban bomby one more, we will talk with e3 with him
7:50 PM
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AjgVoba3qA 😂 I dont understand much apart from Little Love? But it is awesome and lampo-istic biggrin
6:05 PM
6:05 PM
I had to ban bomby again. First he created again another account and then he played on the server but did teamkilling and disruptive gameplay again...
8:56 AM
It's up, just gametracker is slow I think. smile
8:57 PM
Working on server...
8:48 AM
@Slobodan: event flyer for Panzer-Lehr Part II please http://fhsw-europ.ucoz.de/forum/3-902-15682-16-1549874845
5:23 PM
müßte gehen jetzte, bin drauf
5:17 PM
ok ich schau danke
5:16 PM
Keine Ahnung, angeblich gleich wieder da...
5:15 PM
mmh also heute alles off oder was
5:14 PM
Alter der neue Server geht mir auf den Sack, kackt ständig ab
5:12 PM
server offline??
5:05 PM
5:01 PM
Ok, Microsoft decided to release some 128 updates xD We are back up