10:47 PM
server is online
8:59 PM
we back baby
8:53 PM
i whatapp bubu
8:53 PM
Did the server just crash? :/
8:52 PM
5:39 PM
- JOIN THE SERVER! biggrin
6:47 AM
Slobi, this poster, it is so beautiful and sad at the same time, it is so eloquent smile

Deathy, need help installing?
10:25 PM
Shame om u!!! Pants down slap ass happy look at our portal the installation guide
6:56 PM
I forgot how to install all this stuff in order.....oh man fear sadwalk
6:13 PM
Hey Lampo
I hope the best for you and this new year !
Come back soon, we already miss you yes
9:39 AM
Hahah no worries biggrin
4:52 PM
great job Bubu many thx! Is worth a glas of honey hooray
7:22 AM
Teamspeak server added on the same IP, addd to gametracker as well smile
10:07 PM
Ok new server is up/up, visible in browser, added on gametracker.
3:40 PM
yes bubu is working on it