6:57 AM
WB Simo! Reading Lampo's comment reminded me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYFO5qPpM_I
6:33 AM
Holy fuck balls!! Simo fucken hayha! Its been so long did you join the Aussie army?
7:43 PM
Weeeeelcome back Simo!!! biggrin

And TS is up and added, GTracker can scan it smile For good now smile
6:47 PM
ehi Simo, welcome back... now go to download FHSW and start to play or BAN ah oh yes, you "must" be on line next saturday.
4:59 PM
holy fuck, we thought u were gone for good! Welcome back! smile
2:55 PM
Hey guys! been a long time but im still alive, cant believe you guys are still keeping fhsw alive, thats awesome ill have to download it again some time and hop on.
4:36 PM
TS3 is up, GameTracker should be able to query the server now.
9:20 AM
Too bad that I'll miss the great event guys. Have fun in Finland.
6:27 PM
Paid for server for August smile
5:47 PM
ts is back online guys
5:47 PM
rickardsv, its free site and ucoz Controls what advertisements are shown and that includes stupid sites which probably has a lot of viruses.
3:57 PM
Hey why do I get an ad saying "Please allow FHSW-europ to send notifications, juicy offers and lotteries are guaranteed" it makes the site look phishy.
7:13 PM
bubu has not updated ts yet. So here is my ts server